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The HOA Initiative’s goal is to provide the appropriate resources, insight, information and best practices to educate marginalized communities about the economic benefits of homeownership. Learn More
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The HOA Initiative will EMPOWER, INFORM, AND CONNECT individuals to transition into the beneficiaries of homeownership. We transform economically disadvantaged communities into those with economic power and control of their legacy.

Maresa Tumminia ​is a young entrepreneur and third year student at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. An avid activist and enthusiastic community volunteer, Maresa actively seeks opportunities to aid and educate local communities through her leadership of The Mati-x Foundation’s latest community empowerment initiative: Hope and Opportunity in America – The HOA. The HOA initiative stems from her family’s dedication to productive activism, and was specifically designed to provide effective and appropriate education tools and strategies for minority families striving to achieve their goal of homeownership as the first step towards economic independence and prosperity.


Mati-x Foundation

The Mati-x Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation established to assist minority communities in their efforts to live The American Dream through targeted education and programming designed to increase access to economic opportunity as a means to achieve economic independence and social equality. The corporate founders, all members of the Tumminia family, believe that every man, woman and child are created equal and possess the natural abilities to actively nurture their hopes, identify opportunities, and with a little assistance from citizens of good will, exercise the right of each and every American: the pursuit of happiness.


To empower local and statewide underserved Texas communities through educational outreach, programming and workshops.



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Who We Are

  • Maresa Tumminia – Executive Chairman
  • Sierra Sikorski – Vice Chair
  • Jerry Raines – Communications/Outreach
  • Arcio Tumminia – Brand Retention
  • Janis Slaidins – Finance Management


  • Naomi Farnum

Advisory Board

  • James Ward J.D.
  • Elke Sweeney M.S.
  • Frank Olenski IBM/Educator